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London (19 May 2008)

the start of last minute trolleyers...

After a 13 hour flight on BA (mostly spent sleeping and eating), we arrived in London at about 5.30am. Changqi and us went our separate ways and left us to the vices of the Cognitare influence (as you would see in abit). Since our flight was at 2.00pm, we did the calculations and decided that we had time to explore London for a bit. So we bought our tickets and headed for Central London via the underground with our trolley bags in toll.

Our adventures in London begins at the Hyde Park. A peaceful walk, other than the loud noise made by Gershon's trolley. Along the way, we saw sights like Westminster's Abbey and the Big Ben. The sights along the South Bank was amazing too. Our search for the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and the London Bridge ended prematurely at some rundown cafe at the corner of some street. Yar, we were kinda lost. And it was almost time to go to the airport. Hungry, we settled down for a (very delicious) hot chocolate and a egg mayo with bacon sandwich. Refreshed, we started off in search of bus 24 which was to take us to Victoria Street station to catch the Gatwick Express. When we finally located the bus stop, we saw the bus pull away from the station. That was 12.10pm.

An agonising wait for the next bus which seemed to take forever to arrive. Then we realised that the bus stops more frequently that indicated on the map, meaning we would be later than we thought. Hence, the last minute trolleyers were born.

You should have seen us weaving through the rush hour London crowd with our trolleys to get to the ticket counter to buy tickets for the train that was due to depart in 7 mins. Here's a photo of us on the train (TBU). Tired.

Arriving at Gatwick at 1.10pm, another 200m sprint from the Gatwick Express to the BA counter which was at the other end of the airport. Finally, we checked in at the last minute at 1.15pm, passed the security counters and viola! On the plane at the last minute! :)

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Welcome to our grad trip!

Holidaying in Europe

sunny 25 °C

We need to say this.
It's official, we are NOT backpackers.
We are trolleyers.
Last minute trolleyers, that is.

We roam around the streets with a stupid (and obscenely heavy) trolley in tow, over cobbled streets and dog poo.
Getting from one place to another is painful. Missing buses and getting onto flights at the last minute (I kid you not) is stressful, though it sure adds a lot of fun and memories to this grad trip. We're holidaying the way we live our school life - Cognitare style.

So join Janice, Chang Qi and I on this amazing journey, through the streets of Rome and to the exotic countries of Eastern Europe.

From Europe with love,
Gershon, Janice and Chang Qi

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